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bubble glaze technique - Dip entire piece in glaze color #1. In tall yogurt cup mix 1-2 inches of glaze #2 with one squirt liquid hand soap. Using a regular drinking straw, blow bubbles in the yogurt cup mixture until bubbles overflow and fall down one the pottery piece. Let glaze dry. Using flat hand lightly pop all the bubbles. Fire! You can also bubble on a third color if you'd like.

from National Geographic News

Fire-Tornado Pictures: Why They Form, How to Fight Them


This infographic shows how temperatures vary across each planet in the Solar System. Did you know Venus is hot enough to melt lead?


Surya Mudra // Mudra of the Sun -Increases the fire element within the body -This mudra will help with body temperature and keeping the metabolism going -When regularly practiced can help strengthen weak eyes and improve vision -Can't stand the cold? use this mudra to warm yourself up. Preccaution: If overused you will overheat the body. Affirm: "I have a healthy vitality, and spread my warmth to everyone I meet."


Great amount of stones – wonderful sauna bath. The Harvia Legend woodburning stoves give you the ultimate sauna experience. The black steel frame has a mighty amount of stones inside, and as they heat up, you get a magnificent sauna bath even at a lower temperature. The large number of stones ensures good heat, even if the fire dies down in between.


9/11: 'Jumpers' from the World Trade Center still provoke impassioned debate

Driven to the brink by fires and scorching temperatures during the 9/11 attacks, people near the top of the World Trade Center's north tower hang from windows as high as 1,300 feet above the streets of New York City. Such images were extremely controversial ten years ago but have since become more accepted—if no less disturbing.