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Poultry Roasting Time Chart - The Hopeless Housewife

Need some help with your Turkey? Check out this Poultry Roasting Chart | The Hopeless Housewife®


Meat Temperature Guide

While meat and seafood are very tasty to eat, they’re not things that many folks feel confident about cooking. There’s always a possibility of it


Best Turkey Cooking Time And Temperature


There are many ways to cook a turkey but our favorite, by far, is a simple roast! If you're a beginner turkey maker, this is the simple step-by-step for you! Add butter underneath the skin, season with a spice mix and let it roast until the thermometer is at 165 degrees. Perfect for for your Thanksgiving meal for the whole family!


7 Mistakes to Avoid When Cooking a Turkey — Tips from

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Cooking a Turkey — Tips from The Kitchn


The best roast turkey and gravy

The easiest, quickest and most flavourful way to cook a turkey. This recipe won't have you chained to the stove.


How to Cook a Perfect Turkey

How to cook a perfect turkey: Each year we place this large bird at the centerpiece of our Thanksgiving meal. And we eat it. So why are we not making it the best turkey ever? Today we are done with dried out birds, scalded hands, and grease fires. Today, I will teach you how to perfectly roast a turkey, in your oven. Even a novice can follow these steps. I have partnered with my sister Juli, who is a phenomenal cook and blogs at, to bring you the best turkey you will…