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King Solomon's Temple 953 BC. Built by King Solomon , David's son, following the detailed instructions by God Himself. It was destroyed by the Babalonians, rebuilt and destroyed a second time by the Romans in 70 AD

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The Jehoash Inscription describes repairs made to the 1st. temple in Jerusalem by Jehoash, son of King Ahaziah of Judah, corresponding to the account in 2 Kings 12 Some believe this is a forgery but Prof. Ronny Reich one of the founders of the Israel Antiquities Authority stated “the inscription appears to me to be authentic, because it's hard for me to believe that a forger could be so knowledgeable in all aspects of the inscription (the physical, paleographic, linguistic and biblical…

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Steps to the temple in Jerusalem (south end of Temple Mount--1 of 2 places we know Jesus stepped

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The Western Wall (Hebrew הכותל המערבי, ha-ha-Maarawi Kotel, also called the Western Wall) - the only surviving to this day remnant of the Temple. At present it is the holiest place of Judaism. The surviving walls are part of the second temple built on the hill of Moriah.

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Shishak Relief in the Karnak Temple tells of Pharaoh Shishak (945-924BC) invaded Israel and Judah in 925 BC and carrying off the treasures of Solomon's Temple. The following Biblical cities are mentioned: Arad, Beth-Horon, Beth-Shean, Gibeon, Mahanaim, Megiddo, Rehob, and Taanach. The Bible records these events in 2 Chronicles 12, but this relief gives much greater detail.

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This arrowhead was recently found in Jerusalem in material retrieved from the Temple Mount. It is of the type used by the Babylonian army that destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem in 586 BC.

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Over 3.5 million tourists visit Jerusalem each year, and for good reason! The amount of things to do in Jerusalem are endless.

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The Western Wall in Jerusalem  #Jerusalem #westernwall #infographics