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Term Cymru

"Clwydian snow by Pete Hyde" The term 'Clwydian' was new to me, so I looked it up: The Clwydian Range is a series of hills and mountains in north east Wales that runs from Llandegla in the south to Prestatyn in the north, with the highest point being the popular Moel Famau.


The years that followed the death of Llywelyn ab Iorwerth saw a major reversal in the fortunes of Gwynedd, culminating in the Treaty of Woodstock, concluded with King Henry III in 1247, a year after the death of Llywelyn's son Dafydd. Under the terms of the treaty, Gwynedd lost all its lands to the east of the River Conwy.

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Just who were and are the English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish?

The Six Nations of the Celtic Rim, Courtesy of National Geographic. From south to north: Galicia, Brittany, Cornwall, Wales, Ireland, the Isle of Man & Scotland.


A young boy looks on as rescuers dig for survivors.The school was in session; it being the last day before half term week. 144 children and adults died – 116 were schoolchildren. Half of all the children at Pantglas Junior School were killed together with 5 of their teachers.

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St Davids Day Wales Pin badge - Welsh Leek Fabric Badge (x5) free UK postage

Great idea for celebrating Wales- pin a leek upon your hat for St. David's Day! I think I could come up with a way to make these... St Davids Day Wales Pin badge - Welsh Leek Fabric Badge (x5) free UK postage | eBay


750 BC to 12 BC,Celts were the most powerful people in central & northern Europe.Wave after wave,they spread outwards,taking over France,Belgium,& crossing to Britain.There were many tribes of Celts,speaking a vaguely common language.Celt comes from the Greek,Keltoi,which means barbarians & is properly pronounced as "Kelt". Celt is a term NOT used until the 18th century.The Romans called these people Britons.The Celtic Iron Age ended AD43