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I like this, because she isn't model-beautiful, but she is still a very pretty girl

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New Funko Pops Coming in 2016

Terminator: Genisys - Five new character posters land. Emilia Clarke - Sarah Connor

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Frankie) I was outside on the outdoor shooting range once I was healed up. I kept shooting, hitting most of my targets. I suddenly hear footsteps, and I aim my sniper rifle at you, before I groan and set my rifle down.

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Emilia Clarke for Entertainment Weekly’s Terminator: Genisys Exclusive

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‘Terminator: Genisys’: Meet the Main Characters/Cast in EW Exclusive Portraits

The Terminator | Age: 27 Role: Sarah Connor, the mother of resistance leader John Connor who grew up with a robot as a father. Origin story: Clarke, raised…

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(Open w/ Holly) I climb into one of the trucks as the fences start to collapse. "Get in!" I say, throwing the door open and shooting one of the Corpses that's closing in on you. "I said get in!"

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Terminator Genisys : Photo Emilia Clarke

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Emilia Clarke

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2015 - Terminator Genisys Promo - 2015 07 005 - Adoring Emilia Clarke - The Photo Gallery

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