Terraced Backyard

We are doing this in our backyard - we already have the terraced steps and slope - just need to find a slide that's long enough...

Backyard Terracing Ideas: How To Save Money On A Backyard Terracing Project

Stone steps to Garden

For the oh so neglected backyard someday. Pallet tables and a bench and terraced container gardens.

Pam Reddoch, an avid West Knoxville gardener and hiker, has landscaped the back of her hillside yard with tiered decks water features. Stone steps and paths meander around the slope and through the plants.

backyard kids play area ideas | The steep gradient of this Double Bay garden rendered it inaccessible ...

great for gardening on balconies and terraces, and even if you have a small backyard!! I love this!

succulent border around stepping stones. beautiful.

Maybe something like this under the kitchen window in the rose garden. DIY Shelves for Terraces and Backyards | Design & DIY Magazine

Terracing for slopes and stone wall design, hill landscaping idea

Modern terraced vegetable garden- great use for a steep slope

Sloped Backyard Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel, and Decor - page 9

blog.hgtv.com- simple tips for hillside landscaping. love the stone walls- too bad anything over 4 ft high has to be engineer approved here in s.c.- so it's not really a diy project (not to mention the thousand's of dollars of stones shown in the pic) but still a beautiful plan.

Working through 30 years of summer breaks and then retirement, two Iowa teachers molded an empty backyard into an A landscape. Strolling through their gardens offers lessons in creating a great yard with a limited budget and lots of patience.

Backyard design ideas

Terraced Sloped Backyard | Sloping Backyard? Terrace Gardening | Planet Natural

Curved Garden Steps. I think this would look really nice coming off our back porch.

Bamboo garden-yard...backyard - screen I think this might be a great way to move shade around if you planted it in pots with casters

DIY Shelves for Terraces and Backyards | Design & DIY Magazine

Some elements, like stone paving and rock walls, anchor the space, while others, such as trees, shrubs and flowers, are fleeting and change throughout the seasons.

Containers as Wall: Wood planters and steps create a retaining wall in a backyard. From HGTV.com's Garden Galleries

would love to "enlarge" my lower level (aka basement) entrance (aka walk-out) to look like this, incorporating the wider/more graceful stairway, concrete planter fountain (perhaps using the old concrete steps as a waterfall/planter), rocks, stone, pebbles, gravel & plants

Gör en egen sittbänk. Inspiration bloggen Lina på landet. Kantstenar och en gammal golvplank.

Could be nice on a roof garden, place to sit down, relax, and enjoy the view, and an awesome place to store all the gardening tools!

Step Into an Oasis | Sunken Terrace: Its centerpiece is a 20× 20 foot terrace that sits about 2 feet lower than the surrounding grade. Stepping down into it feels like entering a room. A low stone wall around the terrace adds a sense of enclosure and offers extra seating.