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Tesla Electric Car Price

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CHART: Comparing Tesla With Other Electric Cars

#Tesla Motors and other #electric #cars comparison chart....not all, but most models.

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​Elon Musk Says Tesla Model 3 Will Cost $35,000 Before Incentives

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Tesla unveils designs for a plug-in hybrid motorhome, the Model H

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2017 Tesla Model S

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Turning More Heads Than a Tesla? The Beautiful Miluira Retro Electric Roadster from Japan

i want one!!!! miluira retro electric roadster from japan. max speed 37 mph, 22 mile range, ~$75k

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The killer feature of Tesla's Powerwall is the price

The Tesla Powerwall is a big battery. You mount it on your wall, and you have power even when other power fails.

The Model S and Model X are amazing vehicles. They're also aspirational rides for a lot of us. The Tesla Model 3 is the electric car for everybody. Starting at a highly reasonable price, it still offers 215 miles of...

Tesla Motors: Every millimeter of Model S is designed to reduce drag. The door handles are no exception. When not in use, the handles retract into the body, streamlining airflow. When a driver approaches the vehicle with the key, the handles slide out and unlatch with a simple touch.