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Feral Hogs Infographic-Cool facts for those of you who think we shouldn't "control the population" with hunting!

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JAVELINA PHOTOS Javelina (captive) Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Tucson Arizona. Javelina's are not pigs and they can be dangerous. They have tusks that grow to about 4' long. Don't mess with 'em! Tayassu tajacu

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How to Make Hog Bait at Home

Make your own hog bait with simple ingredients and an easy trick to keep them at the bait site long enough for you to get a shot. Have some pork tonight!

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Feral Hogs in Texas, 2011, population of wild hogs has grown to more that 8 million head across Texas and has wreaked havoc on property, livestock, crops, pasture and city parks and golf courses. Female hogs can have as many as eight to twelve pigs several times a year. The population in an area can double in four months. The price tag of damage from Feral hogs is conservatively estimated to be about 52 million per year. Feral hogs are now found in 40 states.

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Black-tailed Jackrabbit (Lepus californicus). Photo courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife

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