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The Texas Rangers were unofficially formed in 1823 when Stephen F. Austin employed 10 men to protect American families settling in Texas after the Mexican War of Independence. They became an official law enforcement agency in 1835 making the Rangers the 2nd oldest of all state-level law enforcement agencies. The Rangers dealt with some of the most memorable criminal cases of the Old West including John Wesley Harding and Bonnie and Clyde.


History of badges of Texas Rangers! ★ The Texas Rangers badges are made from a 1947 or a 1948 silver dollar. One of these two silver dollars are used because they are solid silver. The ridges around the edge of the coin are visible and can be felt on all authentic Ranger badges.


The Rangers are the oldest state law enforcement body in the United States. Col. Homer Garrison, Jr., long-time director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, famously described the Texas Rangers as "Men who could not be stampeded."

from Houston Chronicle

Texas Rangers Museum turns 50

At a mere 50 years old the Texas Rangers Museum and Hall of Fame is the oldest law enforcement heritage center in the United States.