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Texas Tech Tuition

Sir James Galway Masterclass - Embouchure - YouTube. Start with bottom lip over top (corners down, not smiling), then "Pooh"


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POST #26 I can tell you that this is REAL income. I am a Ruby Ambassador. I have a full-time Career, I am a wife, mom to 2, serve at Church twice a week including hosting a small group at our home and Plexus makes it so simple to run a business alongside what I am already doing. We run our business online, all you need is a cell phone, access to the internet and a Facebook account, it really is THAT simple. We have an amazing team that is very supportive, provides training and anything…

Tuition freeze, $10,000 degree in talks at Texas Tech

"US News & World Report Top International MBA: #3 University of South Carolina, Moore School of Business, Columbia, SC, where students master global issues through specialized courses and study abroad experiences and may find jobs in international business or at multinationals." Dave Cochran, Seattle

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Lazy college seniors

Lazy college seniors #CollegeLifeMemesM


So Julian Castro has landed on the national stage. In a way maybe only a Texas Democrat can do, he mixed rhetoric with a hint of personal responsibility and at the same time embraced a culture that has embraced him. The current Texas Democratic Party is undoubtedly his oyster.

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A master's degree for $6,600?!

Georgia Tech and Texas Universities to offer online degrees at a fraction of the cost.