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Thank you tumblr

Class discussions about suicide irk me when people say that suicide isn't honorable or is selfish :(

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Like when someone you thought was your BFFL tells you you're "literally making things up in your head" Thanks friend. So much for solidarity

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➵ pinterest & tumblr: makaylul

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Thank you! The double standards nowadays frustrate me to no end. A woman can be beautiful and smart. :)

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Pansexuality (thank you Tumblr) I don't actually find this particularly funny, but it is fantastic.

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This bible verse gives me so much peace in a world of rat races. I love this verse. Thank you, God!

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Rape can happen to both men & women from all walks of life. It's not about sex, it's about violence.

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17 People Who Totally Ruined The Moment

Tumblr is bizarre beautiful <3 Sure. | 17 People Who Totally Ruined The Moment

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Victoria's Secret on

THANK YOU!!! You don't need to justify yourself to anyone if you do or don't want to go ahead with something! It's your life so live by your rules!!

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God can Restore what is broken and Change it into Something Amazing! All You Need is Faith- Joel 2:25 Trust in Him & He will turn whatever was made for harm, pain or darkness into greatness, victory & light! Seek after Him TODAY! It's Time to Rise Up Generation! We are a YouTube Channel International Ministry. Subscribe to us on our YouTube Channel @ I AM the Generation! The World needs you! It is Time to Rise Up Generation Today! We Thank You for Being a Light to This World! ★ Thank you…

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