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That Will Do Pig

#Repost @lekkifarm with Been seeing a lot snails crawling up my gate lately...some small some big. The rain brings out the best in Agriculture. Ive decided to talk about 5 things to consider before starting a Snail farm: 1. In terms of cost and time snail farming is a low-risk business. Unlike many other livestock businesses snail farming requires very little start-up and operating costs. 2. It can be run from your backyard (if you have a sizeable one) or on that piece of land wasting away…

"That will do pig, that will do..." - Cat

Your job in this world is to be kind pour love and follow your purpose. Not everyone is going to understand you along the way and that is SO TOTALLY ok. Initially when you come up against criticism and ignorance it can hurt it can be confronting - it can even stop you. But please know that you WILL get to a stage where it doesn't affect you anymore. Move to that space as quick as possible and that is only going to come from continuing to follow the sparks of inspiration that makes you want…


Divide and conquer / rule - the case for #Uganda #Corruption #MoneyTalksBullshitWalks My comment on this one is the fact that Hon. Nathan Nandala Mafibu has never stolen any money from our cooperative (Bugisu Cooperative Union #BCU). He is being taken down over sh. 9 million ( USD $2700). What a bloody joke. Nandala is loaded like you have no idea. Besides if our people want to take him down over such a small amount all he has to do is take money from one of his accounts and pay it…

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Vintage Toy, Kunstlerschutz Handwork Flocked Pig, German toys, Miniature Farm animals, That will do Pig

Handwork Kunstlerschutz West Germany Flocked Pig Miniature Toy. Flocked in life like colors, glass eyes, clean ,bright, very minimal wear ( I can't see any flock loss ) Just Amazing condition Very cute! I love German Kunstlerschutz animals! So sweet in expression & feel. 1 1/2" tall x 3" wide

Dolphins in Hawaii could get more protection from swimmers and tourists WAIANAE Hawaii Allison Alterman likes to swim in the ocean for exercise near her home on Hawaiis Big Island. Sometimes her swimming group will see spinner dolphins gliding or jumping near their course. If the dolphins stick around tour boats will inevitably show up sometimes 20 at a time all dropping passengers with floaties in the water for a swim. For many its a chance to realize a long-held…

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Flying Pig Necklace in Sterling Silver

Do you think it's possible for a pig to fly? No? Well, this little pig will…


I think we're going to do this for our wedding ourselves. Since Toma and I love to cook so much, we may cater the whole thing, it wont be that big