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Retro Flatsy Doll 1969 Vintage - Original Dress - Shoes - RARE Candy Mountain - Candy Corn - 42 Year Old Doll


1958: Coppertone ad in Ladies Home Journal - this is the year I was born but this ad continued throughout the 1960s


candy from the 60s | Candy of the 1960s -- Candy Necklace Always got one when we went to the farmers market.

little kiddles dolls from the 1960s | Dolls: Collection of six 1960's Liddle Kiddles - Doll Price Guide


Women fighting for healthcare and abortion rights in the 1960s. The question is, why are we still fighting to maintain, or even have these rights today? I'll live in a 'post-feminist' world when women's rights and equality are actually a reality.