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The Ad

A moment in time to just enjoy life... i would so do this. We are all a happy human race!! Historic flashmob in Antwerp train station, do re mi


INFOGRAPHIC: Media Consumption - It's not the size of the ad; it's how you use it!


Campaign to raise money for clean water. This is a creative campaign but not very effective because it is not very obvious what the ad is about.

from Design School

50 Genius Print Ads With Brilliant Design Techniques

Another cool one with the city of London layered over the bottom of a shoe. I don't know if the ad is effective as a pain relief one, it's much more memorable as an ad for the marathon.

from Architectural Digest

These Homes from the AD Archives Will Give You Plenty of Inspiration to Decorate Your Guesthouse

These Homes from the AD Archives Will Give You Plenty of Inspiration t Photos | Architectural Digest


It’s time for the US government to get serious about protecting the butterflies.

Great campaign video and petition by SumOfUs about unreflected consumerism and nature.

from Mrs. Karles Sight and Sound Reading

AD CVC Word Family Worksheets -Word Family cut/paste activity

Teach the ad word family using these at cvc word family worksheets. Students make a mini-book with different words that end in 'ad'. Cut/Paste/Tracing Fun

from BuzzFeed

Iranian Posters Warn Against Sexual Harassment

This is one in a series of Iranian anti-harassment ads. Each of the ads in the campaign blames sexual harassment on women who do not properly wear their Hijab. Here's a translation of this ad according to "Veil Is Security" (men are being depicted as flies in the ad, so not only does ad victim blame, it also manages to degrade men!)


Lifestyle: This Lacoste add is very busy but it works. It gives out the image that the brand likes to express. It likes its customers to feel like they can partake in any activity. Showing these activities in the ad shows ideas that can take place. Having the ad being bright grabs the attention of the audience.