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The Babysitters Club - I owned so many of these! I think I still have them in a box somewhere. I remember my sister and I trying to start up our own club. I thought these girls were so glamorous and mature (at 13!). Going to the library/book trailer o see if a new book was in was the highlight of my week. :)


Adventures in Babysitting (1987). "Just relax, Chris, tonight is going to be the greatest night of your life."


Forgotten Film: When a Stranger Calls (1979) The film begins with a babysitter (Carol Kane) who gets threatening phone calls. She then discovers that a madman is in the home of the family that she is babysitting, and he has murdered the two kids.. She is attacked by the madman and is nearly killed, but is saved by the police. Years later, she is now a wife and mother, who, once again, is getting threatening phones calls. Could the madman be back?


At horse shows my mom made the mistake of opening a tabs at all the tack trailers. Yep... I may have been kinda dead after that. Just saying