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HMS King George V | 16 in battleship HMS Rodney off Normandy… | Flickr

HMS FORMIDABLE | HMS FORMIDABLE on fire after she was struck… | Flickr

Battleship New Mexico (BB-40) being brought into Boston Navy Yard on 17 Oct 1945. The battleship North Carolina (BB-55) anchored there also, and after overhaul at NY exercised in New England waters .


A snowy battleship USS Texas (BB-35). The snowy scene of the No. 4 Turret shows the long base range finder mounted on the back of the turret and the 3AA battery on the wing platforms.


Aerial view of the hull of the battleship Arizona (BB 39) taken during the 1950s prior to the construction of the USS Arizona Memorial.


Stern view of the battleship USS New Jersey (BB-62) during sea trials after being modernized in 1982.


11 in battleship Gneisenau with her bows blown off by RAF bombing, February 1942. She was in dry dock for repairs to mine damage incurred during the 'Channel Dash' earlier that month. Plans to replace her 9 x 11 in guns with 6 x 15 in came to nothing: she never returned to service, and was towed into position and scuttled as a block ship to deny Gotenhafen (now Gdynia) to the advancing Soviets in March 1945. She was broken up in situ in 1951.


USS Colorado BB-45 loading up with ammo at Kerama Retto near Okinawa, picture scanned from the 1942-1946 Cruise Book


The Japanese aircraft carrier Kaga in flames during the Battle of Midway, June 4, 1942. It is more than likely to be a tricked image of propaganda.


One of the Japanese ships that fought at Savo Island, the Kako.