A Beautiful Life, Dave Greco on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/nDzA1

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The Beast is the male protagonist of Disney's 1991 film, Beauty and the Beast…

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Subliminal Plot?-7) "Belle tries to escape, but she and Philippe are attacked by wolves [SATAN'S SERVANTS?]. Suddenly, the Beast miraculously [??!] arrives to her rescue and fends off the wolves [HEGELIAN DIALECTIC?], showing.. SOME FEELINGS towards her. After Belle nurses his wounds, he gives her the castle library as a gift [MMC LIBRARY?], and they become friends [MMC SLAVE BECOMES WILLING PARTICIPANT WITH ABUSER?]. Later, they have an elegant dinner and a romantic.. dance."

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The difference between Gaston and the Beast when Belle is a bookworm xD ~Beauty and the Beast

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Blog post by The Woodcutter's Daughter: Illustrations of Beauty and the Beast -Mercer Mayer, Walter Crane, Hillary Knight, Gabriel Pacheco, Rebecca Guay, Brent Hollowell. Shop now at The Woodcutter's Daughter! Women | Children | Fairy tale clothing

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My favorite Disney fairy tale movie is beauty and the beast because it's one of the rare times a prince gets saved

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