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The Bic

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I tested out some different types of pens in my cricut explore. For the BIC Mark-It Ultra Fine Point, it worked great but you have to take the grip off of the pen. The cricut pen did well of course. The Crayola fine point did good but I would recommend using it for bigger (size) words. The Papermate Flair M didn't do so well, it didn't fit into the pen holder A at all. It would start popping up after I pushed it in... Don't use those, they also drag. Hope this will possibly save you some…

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Community Post: Transfixed By Serendipity (The Monster Of The Bic Pen Pseudo-Sphere)

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Bic: 60 Bic Cristal pen on

nice use of biro illustration on this site... funnily enough for Bic


"Athas! Pens" -- "An ultra-classy reinterpretation of the iconic Bic pen..., Athas! steel, brass, silver and gold pens are a stylish configuration of the original plastic design. ...Athas! even kept the Bic pen base, so refilling the ink is a cinch." This particular design is no longer on the Athas! site, but a very similar one is:!canetas/c1jb5


Make a Custom Bic Brander

In this Instructable I will show you how to 3D print your very own custom Branding Iron that snaps onto a Bic lighter!You don't need a 3D printer, just an image, an image editing program like Pixlr and to print your brand in real steel.Disclaimer:Yes, this is a branding iron, they get hot! Don't do anything stupid with one of these, like burn yourself or an animal! If you do, please don't blame me! :)Second Disclaimer:I am the designer of the branding iron, I 3D modeled the…

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