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This is how the tomb of the boy king Tutankhamun appeared to archaeologist Howard Carter when he discovered it in 1922.

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Goodbye My Friends, Until We Meet Again

Paper Bindings | Goodbye My Friends, Until We Meet Again | The Raven King | Review | TITLE: The Raven King (The Raven Cycle #4) AUTHOR: Maggie Stiefvater RELEASE DATE: April 26th 2016 PUBLISHER: Scholastic Press ★★★★★


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Templar Quest - Mysteries of the Knights Templar

William Marshal Builder of great castles in Normandy, England, Ireland and Wales, including Pembroke Castle and Chepstow Castle. Favourite of Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine. Loyal friend to five Plantagenet kings – The Young Henry, Henry II, Richard I, John, and Henry III (and knighted two of them). Regent of England. ....

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LMAO HE SPECIFICALLY ASKED ONE OF THE MEMBERS TO THAT THIS PHOTO FOR HIM LOL I think it was Tae he asked but in Japan he asked Hobi when they were out lol


Egyptologists have discovered a statue of Queen Ti, wife of one of Egypt's greatest pharaohs and grandmother to the boy-king Tutankhamun, at an ancient temple in Luxor, an Egyptian antiquities official said. The roughly 3,400-year-old statue was well-preserved. Ti's husband, Amenhotep III, presided over an era which saw a renaissance in Egyptian art. A number of cartouches, or royal name signs, of Amenhotep III were found on the statue.

Reay (REE-ay) King. From Australia, 18 years old. Black hair, gray eyes, tall, has glasses he only wears half the time even though he's blind without them. (Character credit goes to Nightly Romanoff)