Queen Boudica,warrior queen of the Celts. Based on roman historical description.

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BBC kids history page. My kids loved the part on the Celts but they have lots of other history pages as well.

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Iron Age Celtic nobles from Gaul (France or Northern Italy) The Celts of Gaul were considered by the Romans to be far more civilized than the tribes from Germania. The Montefortino style helmet (stereotypical Roman helmet) was of Gallic inspiration, and the celts of Cisalpine Gaul (now northern Italy) are possibly the inventors of chain maille (Lorica hamata). -DK

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The Celts were an ethno-linguistic group of tribal societies in Iron Age and Medieval Europe who spoke Celtic languages and had a similar culture, although the relationship between the ethnic, linguistic and cultural elements remains uncertain and controversial. Ethnolinguistics/cultural linguistics is a field of linguistics which studies the relationship between language and culture, and the way different ethnic groups perceive the world.

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We are informed from sources of Roman history that the Celts were like no other men. They were exceedingly tall and had very muscular whit...

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Castell Henllys. "The Iron Age Celts' clothes might have looked like the tartan you see in Scotland and Ireland today, with checks and stripes. The Celts used berries and plants to dye the wool different colours."-BBC

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Celts In Ireland | Bronze Swords of the Celts, Found in Ireland Giclee Print at Art.com

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