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The Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny. The stories take place in two, true worlds: Amber, and the Courts of Chaos. Other worlds are "shadows" of the tension between the two true worlds. The Courts of Chaos is situated in Shadow at the very edge of Chaos itself. Royals of Amber who have negotiated the Pattern can travel freely through the shadows. By shifting between shadows, one can appear to alter reality by choosing which elements of which shadows to keep, and which to move between.


Known today most commonly by the name Shiprock, the 1700-foot eroded volcanic plume is sacred to the Navajo People as Tse Bi dahi, or the Rock with Wings. This name comes from an ancient folk myth that tells how the rock was once a great bird that transported the ancestral people of the Navahos to their lands in what is now northwestern New Mexico. It was long planned aerial photo shoot over Shiprock. The power of the huge monolith was absolutely stunning…


Hello there, long time no see :) Another card for the Chronicles of Amber deck, this time Oberon, the king of Amber and a loving father of the whole merry band of Princes and Princesses :]Not sure if this will be a final version, but i like it enough to share :]Cheers!


The Chronicles of Amber (The Chronicles of Amber, #1-5 )