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The 50 Books Everyone Needs to Read, 1963-2013

Im so glad the movie was epic b/c I can not read the book...#itshard #notbigonpoetry #thanksoprah


100 best films based on books

Happy 59th birthday to Whoopi Goldberg today! (11/13/1955) One of my very favorite actresses/comedians/activists!


The Color Wheel A Magnificent Purple Reign

Purple is my favourite colour because it is very pretty and it symbolises royalty and sophistication.


50 Books Every Woman Should Read Before She Turns 40

Walker's best-known work, which follows the horrific violence and oppression of several African-American women in the 1930s, won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction as well as the National Book Award, and has been adapted into a film and Broadway show.

A Vital Revival of “The Color Purple”

Dreamgirls John Doyle’s fresh and vital revival of “The Color Purple.” - Cynthia Erivo elevates the musical to a level that’s unusual on and off Broadway.


"Ms. Celie's Blues" (Sister) The Color Purple. One of the best scenes....also a mysterious scene to follow. But u only can presume what happens if you've never read the book -T