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These Community Helpers Sorting Mats w/ Real Photos include 10 unique sorting mats that focus on identifying community helpers and objects associated with them. At an independent workstation, center or language group, students complete the following sorting mats by identifying the community helper and the things associated with him or her. For example the police officer mat includes handcuffs, a police car, a flashlight, a police hat, a police vest, etc.


The students as a class create a map that represents each child in the community. They understand their place and their job.14.A.ECa Recognize the reasons for rules in the home and early childhood environment and for laws in the community.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

My Rules and Responsibilities Booklet

This booklet includes a cover page and 6 pages for students to show what they know about rules and responsibilities. They need to tell about their responsibilities at home, at school and in the community.They also need to think of some of the rules they have at home, school and in the community.Key Words: social, studies, Ontario, roles, rules, responsibilities This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


Reinforce concepts and language goals in the community with learners who are deafblind, blind or who have multiple disabilities.


First Grade Communities Project: Students choose a place in the community to visit and learn about, then make a box model. Follow link for FREE printables from Mrs. T's First Grade Class blog.


Family nights are a great way to bring in the community. Get your parents involved in learning about the things your kids are working on every day! Here is the process I follow when I plan a family night for any content area (literacy, math, etc.)