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Daisy Scouts Purple Petal "Respect Myself and Others". We worked on self-respect since respecting others is taught in school. I recruited some Junior scouts to run little stations and split my troop into small groups. At each station the groups talked about one of the points on this map. The Daisies earned a sticker at each station. When they got all their stickers they earned the petal. I had the Junior scouts create and run their own mini-lessons for each point.


We laid out the first 6 meetings for Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden Journey. Use these to jump start your Journey experience!

Are there some Daisy Dukes in the house? Yes? Then you should definitely try out this workout! #Fitgirlcode
from Lauren Conrad

Tone It Up: The Daisy Dukes Summer Workout

Are there some Daisy Dukes in the house? Yes? Then you should definitely try out this workout! #Fitgirlcode


Audrie and Daisy Netflix - this is an important watch about the sexual assault of two teenage girls and the subsequent shit storm that followed. Heartbreaking in many ways. Watch it. Talk about it. We need voices.


I'm a Troop Leader for a Kindergarten Daisy Troop. At our first meeting, we created our own "Troop Daisy", with each girl drawing a petal to represent herself. We talked about how the girls are a group as well as that each of them are important, vibrant, unique parts of the whole. The Daisy's large so I took a photo of it and made prints for each girl for her Daisy scrapbook.


A perfect snack time complement to the Daisy Garden Journey in fall 2014 - build your own garden! I remember doing a version of this classic as a Girl Scout in 1987! Crushed oreo cookies for dirt and updated with Red M&Ms for ladybugs, gummy worms, mini chocolate chip ants, and two-toned mud pudding. The flower spoon made out of a foam flower sticker and green spoon was a hit too :) They loved assembling it themselves!


Between the Earth and Sky or Welcome to the Daisy Garden journeys New meaning to the word "Greenhouse"- here's a fun Chia-style Grass house for the kids to make. This would be a great way to grow some edible sprouts


Daisy Girl Scout ornament: plastic ornament filled with ribbons representing the 'petals', daisy applique, and tag with year on one side, school photo on the other side...the girls loved making these!