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No Hate Crime Charges For Thugs Filmed Beating 'White Boy' Trump Voter in Chicago---SO, if the KKK beat these punks a$$e$, would that be considered a hate crime?? SO tired of the double standards, no wonder America's so divided!!


Open Letter to John Cassavetes by Jim Jarmusch: "There’s a particular feeling I get when I’m about to see one of your films—an anticipation...As a film fan or as a filmmaker (there isn’t really a clear dividing line for me anymore) I’m anticipating a blast of inspiration...Yeah, you are a great filmmaker, one of my favorites. But what your films illuminate most poignantly is that celluloid is one thing and the beauty, strangeness and complexity of human experience is another."


Diane Keaton and Woody Allen in 'Annie Hall', 1977. "La vida se divide entre lo horrible y lo miserable. Tenemos suerte de ser miserables."