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Margaret Hamilton, the Engineer Who Took the Apollo to the Moon

Her code prevented an abort of the Apollo 11 Moon landing. Image: Wikimedia #software #engineer


What Exactly Does David (Michael Fassbender) Say To The Engineer In Prometheus?


Wellington Quarry and the Battle of Arras

Wellington Quarry Memorial Wall to the engineers who carved its tunnels and the 100s of soldiers who hid in its depths before WW1 Battle of Arras Northern France


The Robotic Workbench You Wish You Had

Robotic Workbench | If you've been looking to add or upgrade your workbench, this fully automated model by "Dirk the Engineer" could give you some inspiration. Made out of Bal

By Robert Hardman for the Daily Mail

The emotion of the occasion was felt by everyone from the engineers to the museum staff and the fans who came to see its rebirth

Photo of the day from Classic Trains magazine: "This view from 1919 shows what the engineer and fireman on Santa Fe 4-8-2 No. 3710 saw when they climbed into the cab of their engine."