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Federal Court Guts Net Neutrality Rules

Federal Court Guts Net Neutrality Rules | Threat Level |

Anybody who’s been following a legal fight between Isps and also the FCC knows what this signifies. For anybody who hasn’t been having to pay attention, this means the FCC will get to inform ISPs the way they should operate. This government regulation implies that all data on the website developer should be given equal priority. #websitedeveloper

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Report: Corporate Giants Like Visa and Ford Support Net Neutrality

While all the major online companies you'd expect to be in favour of net neutrality have indeed been fighting the good fight since the beginning, America's other big companies have (mostly) been sitting on the sidelines trying not to piss anyone off. However, behind the scenes, it turns out that a surprising group of corporate giants have secretly been petitioning the FCC.

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Australian airlines ban use of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7

The FCC is looking into doing the same.

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How Do I Submit Net Neutrality Comments to the FCC?

How Do I Submit Net Neutrality Comments to the FCC? Links to a number of options for commenting on telecommunications mergers and net neutrality.

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The FCC Votes In Favor Of Net Neutrality

The FCC Votes In Favor Of Net Neutrality. What happened, and what it means. The Federal Communications Commission Thursday passed sweeping new net neutrality rules, a government promise of unrestricted internet across America and a major milestone in the shift in American corporate power to Silicon Valley.


FTC's data-throttling suit against AT&T dismissed - CNET An FTC suit against AT&T over its practices surrounding data throttling has been dismissed. Roberto Machado Noa LightRocket via Getty Images A US appeals court on Monday dismissed the FTCs suit against AT&T that charged the company deceived its unlimited-data customers when it slowed their connection speeds. The Federal Trade Commission had…

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Internet on the go: Tesla equipping new vehicles with Wi-Fi hot spot chips

Tesla filed with the FCC to install Wi-Fi hot spot chips and modules in new…