Conservators Work to Open the Forbidden City’s Secret Garden to the Public - Post-restoration interior of Juanqinzhai (2008) (photo by Si Bing/Palace Museum)

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The Forbidden Kingdom - Jackie Chan vs Jet Li - Fight

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*(Thor is taking a shackled and muzzled Loki home to Asgard)* Thor: *(sighs)* I'm sorry to do this, Loki, but until you stop acting like a psycho, you're forbidden to enter the Kingdom of Midgard. Loki: *(pleading, muffled mewling)* Thor: No, you cannot go to the Gathering of Comics, either. Loki: *(confused, muffled huffing)* Thor: Because, well, Agent, Son of Coul, will be attending. I do not think he would wish to cross paths with you there. Loki: Loki: Loki: *(enraged muffled WTF-ing)*

The Forbidden Corner is a folly-filled garden open to the public in the grounds of the Tupgill Park Estate near Leyburn in North Yorkshire, England History

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The Forbidden Kingdom (10/10) Movie CLIP - Return of the Monkey King (2008) HD - YouTube

Dancers Gather at the Palace Entrance. Tiji Festival, Tibetan Kingdom of Mustang, Nepal--Don Gurewitz

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