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I've been working on this on and off for a good while now. Zelda Wii U concept art done for fun based on the idea of an open Forest Temple. Inspired by the latest gameplay (starting around the 2:25...


(TI2) Linear Perspective - Not only can mods alter the visual aesthetics presented on the game's screen, but also change in-game mechanics. Realism mods revamp gameplay by incorporating a physical resemblance to reality, such as motion sway, gravity, fatigue, stamina, disease, a weight system, fog of war, etc.. Combined with immersion mods, players are capable of emulating a real-world experience in the presence of the virtual Skyrim world.

from Hell Horror

The Forest - Announcement Trailer (Game)

The Forest is an open-world survival horror game hitting the Playstation 4 (PS4) later this 2015. Endnight Games is developing and relying heavily on community feedback to develop what the gamers want. The Forest is currently on Steam Early Access where they have been squashing bugs and developing the gameplay. Players will be able to use the PS4’s share functionality to “show off the bases they have built, the places they’ve encountered or just how many trees they’ve cut down,” as written…


Графика для Sky Rider Hero: Crazy Aliens. Проект начинался сразу после мимолетного Dream Forest, в ноябре. Был приостановлен,но в конце января-феврале был продолжен.