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The French

Voici comment les émotions peuvent nuire à votre corps

prendre soin de soi, psychologie, santé moral, choses simples, 12, santé+

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How to Ask Questions in French

Learn the most common French questions + download the pdf and audio files for free.

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This is an EXCELLENT lesson/slide show! Take 5 minutes for this one and you won't regret it! the-french-pronouns-y-and-en by David Ash via Slideshare

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50 Common French Phrases Every French Learner Should Know

Are you a French learner? Get here the list of common French phrases which are helpful for your French vocabulary + download the list in PDF format!

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List of 218 Phrasal Verbs translated in French

For French learners! Widen your vocabulary with these Phrasal verbs + download the list in PDF format for free! Get it here:

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The French and Indian War: Causes, Effects & Summary - Free Video Lessons - History 103: U.S. History I Course

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146 Useful (and Sometimes Clever) French Words for Social Media Users

If you want to make a great expression on your French friiends on #socialmedia, get here the list of all the French words extensively used on social media. + download the list in PDF:

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36 French words and phrases related to yoga

Heads up, yoga enthusiasts! Here is a list of words and phrases related to YOGA. + download the list in PDF format for free!

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