The Goddess Guide: Exploring the Attributes and Correspondences of the Divine Feminine. Introducing the most complete cross-reference ever for the universal worship of the Divine Feminine. The Goddess Guide is indispensable for anyone who's ever wondered which Goddess to invoke for a particular ritual, blessing, prayer, or meditation. $11.99 — Mind, Body, Spirit. Brought to you by SunGoddess Magazine: Igniting the Powerful Goddess WIthin

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13 Must Read Books on the Sacred Feminine and Goddess Spirituality Book from MotherHouse of the Goddess

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The Goddess Macha and the Unkindness of Ravens A print of the original painting by Emily Balivet, 2015. Macha is an Irish war Goddess, strongly

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Fortune:: Goddess of fortune personification of luck in Roman religion. She might bring good luck or bad: she could be represented as veiled blind, as in modern depictions of Justice, came to represent life’s capriciousness. She was also a goddess of fate: as Atrox Fortuna, she claimed the young lives of the princeps Augustus’ grandsons Gaius Lucius, prospective heirs to the Empire. #myth

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Lakshmi the goddess of wealth, beauty and good fortune. She is a consort the to god Vishnu.

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The importance of the Goddess symbol for women cannot be overstressed. The image of the Goddess inspires us to see ourselves as divine, our bodies as sacred, the changing phases of our lives as holy, our aggression as healthy, and our anger as purifying. Through the Goddess, we can discover our strength, enlighten our minds, own our bodies, and celebrate our emotions.Mother Earth by ~CORinAZONe

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