The Hangar is truly a great experience in dining and entertainment, where food and fun take flight.

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Five months in the making, this amazing LEGO creation is made with over 10,000 bricks. Based on the Hangar 327 Escape scene from Star Wars, Episode IV, “A New Hope”, it comes with 19 mini-figures, the Millennial Falcon, and a custom made display table. Is your set complete without it?

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This is a "look" that bounces around the internet. It is a home OVER the hangar. While this is a great concept it does pose some interesting design issues having to do with deflection and "bounce". But a snazzy look, it is.

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e-Go Aeroplanes- Key Features full glass cockpit (a large screen that gives you flight instruments, engine monitoring, check lists and navigation) integrated into the e-Go state-of-the-art Wankel rotary engine with very low vibration, ECU and fuel injection integrated ventilation and de-misting system integrated flight simulation system (yes, sit in your e-Go in the hangar and fly!) easily …

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At Hangar Raptors Find Shelter from the Storm: As Tropical Storm Hermine charged up the East Coast Sept. 2 the hangar at NASA Langley was able to carefully sandwich in more than a dozen Air Force fighters and offer them protection from the wind. The hangar provides 85200 square feet (7915 square meters) of open space and large door dimensions that allow for entry of big aircraft.

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You are clear for take off! What you see before your eyes is a thing of wonder. This one of a kind EP Custom Shop GS/GB5/GS3 mash up for Singapore's The Hangar Cafe is like nothing we've ever done ...

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