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The Historian. If you want a GOOD vampire book, this is it. It's all about history, and really, the only vampire mentioned is Vlad the Impaler. I love history, especially creepy, horrifying history like the true story of Vlad.


This is the best vampire book I have ever read - seriously - hands down - written like a Dan Brown book - fictional murder - then going through history of Vlad the impailer - you cannot put it down!


17 of the Best Vampire Books of All Time

The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova | 17 of the Best Vampire Books & Series


In one of the most famous photographs of the Civil War, three captured Confederate soldiers, likely from Louisiana, pose for Mathew Brady on Seminary Ridge on or about July 15, 1863, following the Battle of Gettysburg. The extraordinary clarity of the image allows viewers to study the soldiers’ uniforms and accoutrements, but the historian Shelby Foote has focused more on their body language.


Did Jews commit African American SLAVE TRADE Genocide or not? "Jews & the American Slave Trade" bk 1999 by Jew Saul S. Friedman refutes this: only 0.3% traded by Jews • he simply fears the typical excuse of labeling all "anti-semitism" in retaliation to Nation of Islam's 1991 allegation bk "Secret Relationship between Blacks & Jews" which Jews consider "pseudo-scholarship" (yet Jew historian Marc Raphael says opposite ; ) + "modern Holocaust envy"?! • others call Saul's bk highly racist…