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The Incredibles 2004

twentysecondrow: Day 06- Favorite super hero and why Frozone, because he is a bamf. Also, The Incredibles is the only superhero-related thing I actually like, SO.

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Violet Parr. She is called on to save her family, and proves heroic a number of times. The experience certainly helps her develop some surely needed confidence.

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Oh my gosh, wait wait wait. In the Incredibles, when Syndrome reveals his evil plan, he basically tells the family that he is going to sell people his inventions that he uses for his super power, and HE LITERALLY SAYS, " and when everyone's super.... No one will be", which is pretty much what Dash said RiGHt HERe!!!!!!

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cookthechef: “ kimoth3rapy: “ The Incredibles Homework. Vector only poster re-design of one of our favorite movies, only allowed to use 3 colors. 2 hrs. ” Favorite Pixar movie ”

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