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The It Crowd Streaming

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Just Moss being awesome.

Moss from the IT Crowd. If you don't know who this is, or what the IT Crowd is... go cry in a corner. Then get Netflix streaming and watch every episode, back to back. Immediately.


Seoul #63 -prescan. Birke early morning shot of Myeondong + Cheonggyecheon Channel/Stream/Canal/River (many variations). I love the urban, nature combo. Apparently it's crowded during the day, so unless I'm wearing a cool outfit- I'm walking at night!

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The Blue Hole, Wimberly, TX

About halfway between Nashville and Knoxville, Cummins Falls cascades 50 feet over wide stair-stepped rocks into a deep cold-water pool. It’s a hard-earned scramble to the bottom that involves hiking to the overlook, wading across the ankle-deep stream, climbing up to the ridge, and using a rope guide to walk yourself down to the water.


Social Media has become part of the average person’s daily life. The challenge for us as bloggers is to figure out how to use it to our advantage in building our brands and businesses. How do we manage to stand out from the crowd in the midst of a constant stream of media? Here are a few tips that can help.

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Top Ten Favorite Educational Shows on Netflix: The Older Crowd

Top 10 list of Educational Shows to watch on NETFLIX. MythBusters, Modern Marvels, Electric Company, How's It Made are just a few to make the list.

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Peter Capaldi Didn't Think He Could Be Doctor Who

peter capaldi: King Haggard "What is the matter with your eyes? They are full of green leaves, crowded with trees and streams and small animals. Where am I? Why can I not see myself in your eyes?!