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Stephanie Jaworski and her husband run the website and they have posted an amazing ingredient substitution chart for all sorts of different items that might be called for in a recipe. Very handy when you don't have that ingredient on hand and need to find out what would work well in place of it. Click on "substitutions" on the left side menu to view the extensive chart.


Royal icing, Joy of Baking video. Don't use raw egg whites (may contain salmonella) or meringue powder (expensive, not homemade, and just sweetened powdered egg whites with a little vanilla); use powdered egg whites.


Shortbread Cookies/Joy of Cooking/Video and Recipe Shortbread Cookies/Ina Garten/Video and Recipe

from Life Made Sweeter

Slow Cooker Almond Joy Candy

Slow Cooker Almond Joy Candy - an easy homemade candy bar with just 4 ingredients. Best of all, this recipe is made entirely in the crock-pot and tastes just like your favorite Almond Joy Candy Chocolate Bars. Just dump and go - SO EASY!!


This Orange Chiffon Cake has the flavor of oranges. It contains both baking powder and a liquid fat (in the form of oil). It is the oil that gives this cake its wonderful moist and tender crumb and that keeps the cake soft even when refrigerated. From With Demo Video