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Set of 3 Assorted Nested Storage Boxes

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Macbeth | | Returning home from battle, Scottish warrior and nobleman Macbeth encounters three witches, seeking to deliver a prophecy. They tell him that he will ascend in rank, and ultimately become king of Scotland. As the witches' visions begin to become true, Macbeth yearns for the throne. Yet Macbeth's ambition is nothing compared to his wife, who hatches a plan to murder King Duncan and hasten her husband's rise to power. The body…

If Macbeth had never met the witches, he would have continued living under King Duncan's rule, oblivious to what could have been if he had been told what his future would be.


At the beginning of the play, Macbeth was shown as a courage and brave warrior. He was devoted to his king and to his country. Macbeth fought till the end and won the battles. (

The LitCharts Shakespeare translation of Macbeth