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The Mansion at Tuckahoe

Leach Mansion :) rachelleach wedding


The Mansion of Madness (Fullscreen)

Fullscreen,The Mansion,Mansions,Madness

yikes! At the beginning of the ride the ghost host (the narrator) says the only way to escape the mansion is to die, and he shows that he hanged himself. Near the end of the ride there’s a moment where the ride vehicle turns around backwards and you go off a balcony, which according to this theory represents you jumping to your death. Before this part of the ride the ghosts are all trying to scare you, but afterwards they sing excitedly and invite you to party with them.

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Visiting the Mansion - 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Ravensburger 500 pcs jigsaw puzzle featuring a large house surrounded by flowers, stream with a bridge and horse carriage

The Ruins at Talisay City, Philippines. This mansion was built back in the early 1900's by a sugar baron. This was the largest residential structure ever built in that area at that time. The mansion met its sad fate in World War II when it was burned to prevent the Japanese forces from utilizing it as their headquarters. It took days of inferno to bring down the roof and the 2-inch wooden floors. What you see here is a very small section of this once grand home.