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Lisbon - path along the #Tagus river - People walking, Parque das Nações, Park of the Nations Lisbon, Portugal_2171

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✝✡“Trust in the Lord with All Thine Heart”✡✝ ( Psalms 33:12 KJV ) “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD; and the people whom He hath chosen for His own inheritance.”!! ( II Chronicles 7:1...

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The National - "Don't Swallow the Cap" "Everything I love is on the table. Everything I love is out to sea.."

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Twin polar bear cubs in a snow den Polar bear cubs are born inside a snow den, and are tiny and helpless at birth. They remain sealed in the den with their mother for about three months, nursing and growing until they are strong enough to venture outside and accompany their mother when she resumes traveling and hunting on the sea ice. © Jenny E. Ross

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Titanic anniversary: Follow the ship down to the bottom of the ocean | Graphics | News | National Post

Titanic anniversary: Follow the ship down to the bottom of the ocean | Graphics | News | National Post

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Vik Church A remote church near a town called Vik, Iceland. It is part of the National Church of Iceland, as are most of the churches, which is a Lutheran branch of Christianity. Covered by ash in the 2010 eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull.

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Shitferbrains Trump replaces highest-ranking officer General Joseph Dunford from the National Security Council to make way for a alt-right hatemonger white nationalist.

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Please share this post with anyone who researches Irish ancestors! This is great news for them!

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Fifty-five percent of American pantries are only stocked with enough food for three days. Those families are not likely to survive very long in the case of doomsday hitting. Preparing for the end of the world takes a lot of resources and planning. In this infographic, National Geographic takes a look at the most effective ways to survive after doomsday.

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