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The Notebook Characters

Interactive Reading Literature Notebooks 2

Types of Characters Foldable, Types of Characters Interactive Notebook Activity by Lovin' Lit from the ALL NEW Interactive Reading Literature Notebooks, Part 2

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Her wrath.

After being given word that Loki has 'died'.

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Character traits: FAST in reading notebooks Use to write responses, and give the WHY to the "T" part.

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Believable Characters Have REALISTIC Flaws The Must overcome.

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Scraps of writing notes for characters, plots, and miscellaneous ideas have a way of building up into a mountain. Take a day to go through them and pare the ideas and notes down to what's still important and relevant. For more tips on decluttering and organizing your writing paraphernalia, check out the ebook Decluttering for Writers by clicking the pin!

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Not good enough.

"What do you want to hear? Do you want to hear that I'm a failure, that I could never, ever impress anyone? Everyone considered me nothing more then a nerdy failure, is that what you wanted to hear?" She questioned the hero brokenly, and Lightning stared back impassively, hiding all her emotions behind the poker faced mask. The villain sighed defeated. "Whatever take me in I don't even care anymore."

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