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Melissa McBride Behind The Scenes amcthewalkingdead: Sometimes, after a long day of slaying wolves and walkers…all you want to do is kick back, relax, and have some delicious french fries… #TWD #TWDFamily#MelissaMcBride @rossmarquand

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Gore describes the failures of our government regarding fear-tactics, corporate masters, cronyism, religious nut-jobs etc. [2007]

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Scott Walker is a giant fraud: Reagan worship, bizarre religious beliefs, and the real story of his long crusade for 2016. 2 scoops of crazy! #DB! #UniteBlue #GOP

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piece of #Chernobyl large bolt with nut from Chernobyl, commemorative gift to the workers of Chernobyl, huge bolt with nut Gift ball for the employees who constructed the ... #chernobyl #steampunk