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City of Portland

Welcome to my boards, I am not mistrusting or selfish with my pins. Please pin all you want without any worries <3


This bullshit is part of the problem. Right wing "news" has lied so long nobody believes the real ones.

1 Peter 1:8. Enjoy more beautifully designed verses like this one in Wycliffe’s devotional, “When God’s Word Speaks.” In it, you’ll read 60 testimonies of lives changed by the power of the gospel. Check it out!

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Stein OFFICIALLY Outed As Soros' Pawn, New Diabolical Plans For Civil War

Stein OFFICIALLY Outed As Soros’ Pawn, New Diabolical Plans For Civil War


THIS is one of several Horrific Hate Crimes Going on across the country. Out Of Control Hatred Unleashed by Trump and his Racist Voters. We All knew this was going to happen after months of Trump drumming up and stirring up Hate in the Tiny Minds of His Deplorable Voters. SHAME ON EVERYONE WHO VOTED FOR TRUMP!!


Liberals would not answer this because they're crybabies! seriously, collage students needed counseling apparently, just because Hillary didn't win. and when you get down to it...trump and Hillary are both idiots. At this point, we have just rearranged the seats on the sinking titanic. OUR COUNTRY IS SINKING, AND ITS NOT GONNA STOP

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How Free is your Spirit?

Dominant Culture and Stereotyping(Mia Nunez) I chose this one has my favorite for Dominant Culture and Stereotyping because this is the perfect picture that represents stereotyping. It shows that you cant let stereotypes define you


Half of 'So Called' Americans (Trump Voters) turned their backs on this Nation and Embraced Fear, Hate and Intolerance. Everything that happens going forward rest on their heads. Trump will not keep his Campaign Promises/Lies to those who are counting on him, he will however continue to Divide and Destroy the very fabric of this Nation.


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