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The Coordinate Plane: A Spiral Studies Mini-Unit

Coordinate Plane Doodle Notes! Just one part of an awesome & creative unit on coordinates, quadrants, reflections, plotting points, and more with a coordinate plane!


The wreck of an American corsair fighter; shown here in the late 1990’s, lies near the B-24 wreck shown earlier. It is said that the plane crash-landed on the reef near the shore in 1944 before the airstrip was completed. It was hauled out of the water and moved to its present position in the jungle where it has rested since the war.


3) It's a Bird... it's a Plane… It's a Boeing? A consumer's first exposure to Boeing is by and large as a child; looking up to the sky we see a massive bird making a tremendous amount of noise. We don't know what it is, but we cannot stop looking at it. While we may not know what the object is, the object's brand, or even what a brand is when we are first exposed to Boeing, the experience sure leaves an impression.


Omg Tom was reading a Spider-Man comic on the plane to JFK for the #NYFF

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Windowless Jet Will Let You Virtually Ride on Top of Clouds


“USS Essex (CV-9) - Fire erupts from an F4U Corsair fighter after it crashed into the barrier, 8 April 1945. Gasoline from the damaged belly tank ignited when it hit the plane’s hot engine. The fire was quickly extinguished by the flight deck fire...