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Harold and the Purple Crayon Prewriting Tracing Pack

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Gorgeous Gown. I truly adore everything about this gown. From the sweetheart neckline to the body fitting design. " The color purple " (not the movie), he he, is, glorious. The movie was great too.

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Second in our series on color – Purple

So last time I talked about Blue flowers and this week I will broaden that color palette and introduce some gorgeous purple flowers. In the purple family colors can range from misty pale lavender, …

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Purple Carrots ~~ Many people are unfamiliar to the purple carrot; its roots date back 5,000 years ago in the area now known as Afghanistan. Although the purple carrot may be the precursor in the carrot world, it is still widely undervalued. This is a disgrace as this darker colored carrot is highly nutritious and promotes many healthy benefits to consumers.

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Biggest shrub’s purple reign

The massive plant is attached to a university building in Nanning, China, and currently stands over 100ft high. While the purple bougainvillea was planted just ten years ago, it has already grown enough to cover the five-storey building from top to bottom.

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