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Captain John J. Eberhardt The soldier playing the zither is captain of Company D, as signified by the rank on his shoulder boards and the prominent "D" on his cap.

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Gate of Babylon

Gate of Babylon: King's Treasure (王の財宝ゲート・オブ・バビロン, Ō no ZaihōGēto obu Babiron) is the golden key that connects to the "Golden Capital", the "King's Treasury" of Gilgamesh. It connects the space of reality to the vault, opening an "invisible door" that allows for the contents to pass through upon the user's command. Allowing for easy access to the items of the treasury, he is able to pick and utilize them as he pleases. The rank of the Noble Phantasm changes from "E~A++" due it reflecting...


Trump may be the face of your rapist, but Pence is every judge who made sure he got away with it.

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The Best Life Magazine Covers

Christie Brinkley is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list The Best Life Magazine Covers


Better World Shopper: dedicated to providing people with a comprehensive, up-to-date, reliable account of the social and environmental responsibility of every company on the planet...


Claude Rains (1889-1967) Captain, London Scottish Regiment, WW I. He served with fellow actors Basil Rathbone, Ronald Colman and Herbert Marshall. Rains was involved in a gas attack that left him nearly blind in one eye for the rest of his life. However, the war did aid his social advancement as he rose from the rank of Private to Captain. He became a U.S. citizen in 1939. He was in 58 feature films.

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[Photo] Himmler as a member of the SA, circa 1927-1933

Himmler as a member of the SA, in early SS-uniform holding the rank of Oberfuhrer or Senior Leader, and was at that time, a para-military rank in the Nazi party, the SS was a branch of the SA.circa 1927-1933


Sherian Grace Cadoria (b.1943) was the first African American female general in the United States Army and the highest ranking female at the time of her retirement in 1990 with the rank of Brigadier General. She is a graduate of Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and holds a Master of Arts degree in Social Work from the University of Oklahoma. Initially in the Women's Army Corps, she transferred to the Military Police Corps in the 1970s.


I had baking stickers left over from the Christmas Cookie borders. I ran a poll to find out what would be a popular theme to use them with and this was #2 in the rankings! The border punch is the flourish squares punch from EK Tools. Colors are Salmon, Brick, and White


German POW officers line up after the surrender (May 1945). Most German officers of lower to medium rank were allowed to go home after a short period of processing. Anyone from the rank of colonel and above, however, was within the jurisdiction of Allied military intelligence and senior Allied commanders. Officers of General rank experienced significantly lengthier periods of processing and interrogation.