Actual real money that the tooth fairy leaves, how cool is this?

A boys version of the Tooth Fairy. I especially like the story she uses where the Tooth Fairy will only use teeth that are the brightest white!

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Québec City’s Winter Carnival and the Magic of Bonhomme Helen Earley Canada, News & Reviews, Quebec Photo: Xavier Dachez/Québec City Tourism Be careful about calling Bonhomme a mascot. He is so much more! To the Québecois, Bonhomme is as real as you, or me…or the Tooth Fairy. Bonhomme Carnaval is The King of Winter. To some children (and most adults) he is more magical than Santa Claus. At 7 feet tall, and allegedly made of snow, this jolly figure is also the official ambassador of…

"The Real Tooth Fairies" Website has Motivation Charts, Ideas for Parents and Kids, Crafts, Games, Books, Shops, Maps and So Much More!

The Real Tooth Fairies® - Magic Letters® - Your Printable Tooth Fairy Letter

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Tooth Fairy Ideas- leave a fun toothbrush instead of $. I also love the idea of leaving a note on the bathroom mirror to remind us to brush!

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the real tooth fairies letters to pirint | Magic Letters From The Tooth Fairy: What A Girl’s Dreams Are Made Of ...

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