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The Redhead


Cranberry Apple Charlotte Cake

Cranberry Apple Charlotte Cake by The Redhead Baker

Trickster: Her face was one of sunshine painted over with the color of lilies and pink roses. Back then her hair was the russet red color, and her ears were the only pierced thing on her. She was still pure, and untainted back then. It's hard to remember at what point she began to shift into someone else. It's hard to remember where that Annabelle ended and the one that lives now began


The redhead gene is not becoming extinct. In August 2007, many news organizations reported that redheads would become extinct, possibly as early as 2060, due to the gene for red hair being recessive. Although redheads may become more rare, they will not die out unless everyone who carries the gene dies or fails to reproduce. This misconception has been around since at least 1865, and often resurfaces in American newspapers.

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City of Louisville

For the redheaded blue eyed beauty in my life. I love this charcoal and navy smokey eye and plum lips. Love love love!

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Photographer captures stunning portraits of flame-haired ladies

Models with varying intensities of red hair are photographed in the stunning portraits