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Check this awesome image The Scotts Company Miracle Grow No.4 Water Soluble All Purpose Plant Food * Gardening DIY

Scotts Company 0347060 Ortho RosePride Disease Control Concentrate, 16-Ounce by The Scotts Company. $17.19. Endorsed by the American Rose Society. Leaves no unsightly residue on foliage or blossoms. Controls and protects against all major rose diseases. Controls black spots, rust, and powdery mildew on roses and other ornamentals. Ortho rosepride disease control concentrate. This Ortho rosepride disease control concentrate protects against all major rose diseases. Endorsed by...


Scotts Company MG89178300 Miracle-Gro Orchid Potting Mix, 8-Quart by The Scotts Company. $3.46. Composted bark and peat moss provides easy anchoring for roots and moisture detention. Feeds for up to 6 months with Miracle-Gro continuous release plant food. Miracle-Gro orchid potting mix. Enriched with MicroMax nutrients for hearty, vigorous plants. Specially formulated to provide proper aeration and drainage for orchids. Miracle-Gro orchid potting mix composted bark a...

Ornamental Pepper The Scotts Company LLC Marysville, OH


Fast-Foaming+Action+that+Starts+Working+on+Contact Lifts+Dirt+and+Wipes+Out+Stains+from+Moss,+Mold,+Mildew+and+Algae+and+More Safe+to+Use+Around+Lawns+and+Plants Will+Not+Harm+Fabrics Cleans+Concrete,+Wood,+Siding,+Patio+Furniture+and+More Safe+to+use+with+Power+Washers Makes+up+to+10+Gallons OxiClean™+is+a+trademark+of+Church+&+Dwight+Co.,+Inc.+and+is+used+under+license+by+The+Scotts+Company+LLC. Learn+More+about+Scotts+Outdoor+Cleaners


Fast-Foaming Action that Starts Working on Contact Lifts Dirt and Wipes out Stains from Moss, Mold, Mildew and Algae and More Safe to Use Around Lawns and Plants Will Not Harm Fabrics Cleans Concrete, Wood, Siding, Patio Furniture and More OxiClean™ is a trademark of Church & Dwight Co., Inc. and is used under license by The Scotts Company LLC.


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Scotts Company 175001 Garden Pro Water Soluble Miracid Acid Loving Plant Food, 1-Pound by The Scotts Company. $6.66. Starts to work instantly. Miracle gro water soluble fertilizer miracid acid loving plant food. Double feeding action feeds through both the roots and the leaves. Instantly feeds acid loving plants like azaleas, hydrangeas and rhododendrons. Promotes quick, beautiful blooms and strong root development. Miracle gro water soluble fertilizer miracid acid lovi...

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Miracle-Gro Instructions

The Scotts company makes Miracle-Gro plant food, which comes in granular and liquid forms. The original and most familiar form is a blue, granular plant food that gets mixed with water: Miracle-Gro ...

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