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The ultimate Triumph Scrambler

After developing the 800XC, a crew of Triumph engineers and test riders spent four years turning the Scrambler into a genuine off-road weapon. We've got the exclusive story behind the bike—and if you want to replicate it for yourself, we've got the detailed specs too.


From Harley to BMW — my beloved shovelhead gets a new owner and I wanted a new ride. BMW wasn't really my favorite at first glance, but after some days of research I found a nice beamer — my first BMW ever. The R75/5 was in good conditions and ready to ride. It inspires me a lot and I did some "quick" changes and modifieds to realize my ideas. The front fork and shocks are lowered, the original tail frame is modified with an upsweep, a new rear fender, a solo seat and pillon pad, complete…


1937 BMW R5 - Krautmotors

1937 BMW R5 - Krautmotors. Whatever the sport, the hobby or industry for it to have long-lasting success and be something others are drawn to like a moth to a flame you need big personalities with an unwavering passion and endless enthusiasm to drive it forward. In the custom bike scene of Germany one such man is Rolf Reick, a.k.a. Mr Krautmotors, who is involved at every level and never...


‘78 Honda CX500 - BBCR Engineering

‘78 Honda CX500 - BBCR Engineering. Somewhere in Kobe, Japan, a man named Shoichiro Irimajiri is sitting quietly with a satisfied smile on his face and the sort of grin that says “I told you so”! Not only is he the man behind the legendary Honda CBX Six Cylinder that now commands premium prices by collectors he's also responsible for the CX500, once derided as the “Plastic...