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The Sentence Song by the Scratch Garden. Great way for students to learn to write sentences. For more Kindergarten Videos Visit:


Learn about CAPITAL letters and punctuation (using a period, question mark, and exclamation mark) with this super fun song and video!


Build the Sentence FREEBIE! Directions: Students cut the words out at the bottom of the page, #BuildTheSentence and glue words in correct order, practice writing the sight word, draw a picture about the sentence, write the sentence nice and neat. #sheilamelton


This product includes 5 syntax worksheets. Students must determine if the sentence makes sense or not. If the sentence does not make sense, students must fix the sentence so that it is correct. To prepare: Print desired worksheets.To use: Students read the sentences or listen as each sentence is read.


I Can Read Simple Sentences with CVC word families. Read the sentences and choose the sentence that matches the picture. Great activity for building confidence and reading comprehension for beginning and struggling readers.


This packet is a 5 page FREEIE of Fix it up sentences.- Perfect for kindergarten and first grade students!This packet focuses on the following:-Read the sentence-Fix the sentence by re-writing the sentence correctly. -Some of the "fix it errors" include incorrect use of capital letters, lowercase letters, punctuation, misspelled sight words, & spacing.Each page is in the same format that includes a space to write the sentence correctly, illustrate the sentence and a space for a friend to ...